Wholesale Medical Supplies


Available in a wide range of gauges and needle lengths...
DYNAREX Hypodermic Needles 18G x 1 1/2" needles, disposable, stainless steel, Dynarex


Textured fingertips Natural feel and fit Form fitting...
Cardinal Health Flexal Feel Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves Flexal Feel Powder-Free Nitrile Exam Gloves


Sodium Bicarbonate 8.4% is a Usp, sterile, nonpyrogenic,...
Sodium Bicarbonate Injection USP 8.4% Glass Syringe 50mL 18G x 1 1/2" Adult sodium bicarbonate, 8.4%, injection


Cotton tipped applicator sticks (wooden) and tips are...
Dynarex Cotton Tipped Applicators, Non-Sterile 6" Dynarex, Cotton Tipped Applicators, non-sterile


Latex Free. Coverlet Adhesive Bandages are made to absorb...
Coverlet Adhesive Bandages, Strip 1" x 3" bandages, adhesive, pad, conducive to healing


Specialist Plaster Splints: Uses a time-tested formula and...
Specialist Plaster Splints, Extra-Fast, 4" x 15" splint, plaster, consistent, Specialist